Pick your vessle

The Ferrari

Dagger Specter 15

From day tripping to long range touring, the Specter offers it all. The perfect balance of stability and speed with the ability to keep you in comfort for the whole trip. 

 This boat is a do it all boat. Overnight camping float trips, paddle down rivers, and flat water lakes, a great boat that can do a bit of everything. 

Big Bird

The Emotion Spitfire

Perfect for you and your favorite paddling companion. Whether you’re settling in for a day long journey or a quick afternoon trip, this kayak boasts UltraLite, padded seats for your comfort, and a skeg wheel for better tracking with every turn. Carry handles, paddle keepers and plenty of storage space help round out the list of features you’ll love all season long with this Spitfire ‘yak!

Capt. Sunshine

Perception Sundance 

Designed with couples and families in mind, the Perception Sundance II 15.0 features a large cockpit with space for plenty of gear. For a solo trip, the bow seat slides back to the middle of the boat. For beginner-advanced boaters.

The Hulk, Mean Green Weenie & Booger

This Sun Dolphin Aruba 

Designed to move through the water with ease and is perfect for short or long trips. The cockpit is non-confining and surprisingly roomy. High-quality adjustable backrest and adjustable foot pegs top the list of features. Great for rivers and lakes. The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. 

Lady Marmalade, Mr. Brightside & Crew Cut

Emotion Charger

Looking for the ultimate sit-on-top kayak built for recreational fun? Our ‘Charger’ has it all –

stability, light weight, tracks nice, and fantastic maneuverability. This boat is a blast in all conditions, and loves to play in the surf. For use in ponds, lakes, streams, back bays, or surf – young or old, try the ‘Charger’ – pound for pound the best value/performance kayak on the market period!

Tin Man

Grumman Canoe

 Whether you're out tackling a rushing stream or a glass-calm lake, a first timer or professional outfitter, a Grumman versatile double-ender is the right choice. Its wide beam and low profile gives stability and reduced wind resistance. And the double-ender is  built specifically for camps and outfitters. Grumman Canoe

Captain Ahab

 The Pelican EXPLORER DLX is the ideal low-maintenance canoe if you are looking for a versatile easy to paddle canoe. It features comfortable folding seats, vertical rod holders, a built-in cooler seat in the center, drink holders and carrying handles. Smaller in size, it's easier to handle while providing plenty of room for family, friends and fishing gear.  

Baby Ostrich

 Necky Jive

The Jive has good speed. It doesn't have that much rocker - the ends are fairly flat so it has a long water line. It's also noticeably narrow, but that stuff matters on flat water, when you're trying to catch the wave. Once you're on a wave and gravity is doing the acceleration the Jive starts to plane. It has a very flat bottom that starts to skip on top of the surface. This allows it to reach speeds much faster than you could by just paddling. The Jive has good speed when catching waves and then great speed when it's on the wave. Speed is fun.

The Banana


This lightweight kayak has been designed for family fun and provides great stability, easy paddling and fantastic tracking. The fold down high back seat and foot braces maximises comfort and performance. Its large cockpit design means entry and exit are easy. 

Ms. Mauls

Emotion Comet

The Emotion Comet 

Named after the owner and personal favorite, the Comet features a large easy to enter cockpit and fully adjustable seat and footbraces that will accommodate paddlers of all sizes. The flared bow offers plenty of leg room and a dry comfortable ride in many water conditions. The solid chines provide an extremely stable experience while the stern keel and tracking channels will keep even the newest paddler on track. The Emotion Kayaks' signature paddle keeper ledges keep your paddle secured out of the way for photography, relaxation or fishing yet ready for use at a moments notice.


Old Town Loon 138T

We are 1:38! Dubbed the SS Gorelee after Sodel Roller Derby's infamous jammer, the 138 tracks well, easing paddling and increasing stroke efficiency The roomy cockpit with ergonomic seating provides all-day paddling comfort. Durable, single-layer polyethylene creates a stiff hull and deck with low weight and an abrasion-resistant skid plate protects stern from beach debris

Papa Smurf & Violet Beauregarde


Mainstream Riptide

Designed for paddling on all types of flat water, including ponds, lakes, and rivers with slow moving current, the Streak is perfect for anyone looking for a compact, lightweight, and extremely stable entry-level kayak that offers real paddling performance. Rotomolded of super-strong polyethylene, the Streak features dual tracking/stiffening channels, making it stable with good speed, tracking, and maneuverability.

The Red Dragon

 Perfect for the avid angler, the Future Beach Trophy Deluxe Kayak delivers a smooth, stable ride. From the multi-chine hull to the adjustable, cushioned seat back, this boat optimizes your open water experience. The Deluxe offers coaming pads for extended padding and comfort while reeling in your next big catch. With two flush mount rod holders and a built-in tackle box, the Trophy DLX delivers on all levels! 

String Bean

 The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak is designed to maneuver quickly and easily, featuring a fully-loaded fishing package ideal for any outdoor adventures. The fishing kayak features two flush mount holders, one swivel rod holder, and a large, comfortable seating area. Equipped with a P.A.C (portable accessory carrier) that can be used as extra storage, the Journey 12 Fishing Kayak is perfect for any angler.